Leveraging AI in the fight against COVID-19

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 around the world puts great pressure on our hospital systems. 

VIZYON proposes an innovative solution based on Artificial Intelligence that allows to distinguish between COVID 19 patients who will need intensive care and the others who can either stay at home or be treated by medicine departments. This can contribute to prevent the overflow of the Resuscitation Department with non-critical patients.

As a matter of fact, chest X-rays analyzed with Artificial Intelligence offer a very effective, fast (10 times less than CT scans) and cost-effective way to quickly score patient criticity.

VIZYON solution is powered by LUNIT INSIGHT CXR 3 CE-approved AI algorithm. Its detection rate is comparable to CT scans.

Why X-ray?

  • X-Ray Devices are widespread throughout the world, even at the most remote healthcare centres
  • Diagnosis can be made in clinics and small scale hospitals, allowing the reduction of the burden on large hospitals.
  • Provide a reliable result as a first step before resorting to CT scans, as recommended by the American College of Radiology as well as the Spanish Society of Radiology
  • High rate of detection in chest x-rays, for moderate or severe COVID-19 patients
  • X-ray devices can be disinfected and cleaned much easier and faster than compared to other imaging devices.
  • Radiology technicians are less exposed to COVID 19 contamination

The following are examples of chest x-rays of COVID-19 patients. On the left side, the patient’s x-ray, in the center, the control CT scan performed. On the right side, our algorithm is able to detect even minor COVID-19 related abnormalities on the chest x-ray.

Diagnosis Empowerment

  • Provides a severity score that helps physicians to refer patients to the right departments and/or allow them to return home
  • Allow prioritization of the patients that need immediate medical attention
  • The scoring system also empowers physicians to keep track of the patient’s progress.