Our Team

Since 2015, Doctor Pierre Durand and Engineer Sylvain Kritter have been working on the application of Deep Learning, an important artificial intelligence technique that is experiencing a real explosion, to the automatic analysis of radiological images (radiographs, scanners, MRIs, etc.), in order to help in diagnosis and eventually automate it.

In June 2018, they decided to create VIZYON, a supplier of automatic radiological image recognition devices to make radiological diagnosis more efficient.

Instead of a simple algorithm, VIZYON offers the V-Engine, a real artificial intelligence "box", integrated into the PACS (radiological image archiving system) of the hospital or medical imaging office.

The V-Engine automatically determines the part of the human body presented in the radiological image and whether it is normal or pathological. It then produces a diagnosis template, proposed to the radiologist who reviews it and completes it by producing the final report.

The V-Engine determines in particular the critical or non-critical nature of the examination, which is of great interest to emergency services.

VIZYON originality comes from Dr. Durand's experience as both a hospital radiologist and teleradiologist, which allowed him to fully understand how to apply automatic radiological image recognition to allow radiologists and emergency physicians to focus on critical cases.

VIZYON's Strong Points

Provision of a low-cost "BOX", the V-Engine

Real-time diagnostic assistance


No connection to the cloud, which prevents the leakage of personal medical data


No connection to the cloud, which prevents the leakage of personal medical data

Our Members



President / CTO


 Is an experienced programmer,f ullstack , Digital Marketing & Machine Learning.

Worked on several Deep Learning projects and experienced in Blockchain.



CEO / Founder

is a physician and radiologist specializing in pediatric and oncological imaging. A former outpatient at the Paris Hospitals (Paris V - Cochin Faculty) and a former intern and head of the Grenoble University Hospital, he is dedicated to diagnosis, telemedicine and technological innovation for the benefit of patients

After a Master 2 Research in Applied Modelling, he worked in partnership with the CEA of Grenoble for 3 years where he designated clinical trials to bring innovation to the patient's bed. Winner of the faculty's Eckstein-Gershony Prize, he has filed three patents as an inventor of new diagnostic strategies.

His thesis work on a virtual reality system for the realization of CT biopsies was awarded at the American Radiology Congress in Chicago in 2013 and was published in Plos ONE.

He has been working for 2 years on the integration of medical knowledge into deep-learning models to give clinical relevance to the results obtained by AI and at the same time participates in the development of a qualitative teleradiology network (TMF).




Product Director

 is an experienced microelectronics engineer (INPG ENSERG/PHELMA).

He held various positions at STMicroelectronics from 1981 to 2015 in the semiconductor field (Integrated Circuit Design and Test Engineer - Director of Integrated Circuit Design Platform Qualification - Director of Technology Platform R&D Quality.

Sylvain has developed an application for lung scanner analysis based on Artificial Intelligence techniques, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Grenoble. The results were presented at the ECR2018 Radiology Congress, Vienna, Austria.


Burcu Deniz DOĞUERİ

Administrative, Finance & Project Manager

is an experienced Project Manager.

She has held various positions at CETELEM and EXPLO CONTROL. as a Marketing Executive and Porject manager.

Burcu has a diploma from Koç University (Turkey).


Mohammed-Aymene EL OUAZZANI

Operations & Customer Support Manager

Completed his réseaux et télécommunications, Option Internet of Things IoT master in Université Aix-Marseille.

Passionate about computer systems, software development and artificial intelligence related systems.



Front-End Developer

Worked two years as a Freelance Mobile Developer and couple of different projects. Developped couple of games and applications. Joined Vizyon two years ago.