VIZYON Is Building With You The First Global Blockchain Radiological Network

Vizyon offers you the next generation radiology solutions by combining Blokchain and Artificial Intelligence. Teleradiology is the new age of radiology


Today, around the world many hospitals have great difficulty in setting up and accessing high quality radiological expertise 24/7/365. It is notoriously difficult:

Human Access

To access to human expertise in a flexible way 24/7/365.

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To access to new and promising AI applications

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True Payment

To pay the radiological expertise at the right price and within an acceptable time frame.

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In addition, while teleradiology services have been developed, the technological solutions used are notoriously unreliable and insecure. This leads to growing frustration in hospitals and growing concern about the safety of processes and patient data.


VIZYON's co-founders, Dr. Pierre DURAND, Eric LE BIHAN and Sylvain KRITTER, combine decades of experience in radiology and health information technology.


They have gradually built the ideal platform to address the shortcomings listed above. VIZYON offers hospitals and medical imaging centers:

an ideal platform for teleradiology solutions
ultra-simple access to a global radiology network

Ultra-simple Access to a Global Radiology Network and an Ultra-simple Online Service

best artificial intelligence application access

Access to the Best Artificial Intelligence Applications for Radiology and Experts

full protection of patient data

Full protection of patient data and excellent service continuity

an optimization of resources and costs

An optimization of resources and costs

Easy Access and Use

In order to allow you to access the VIZYON network from any terminal, we take great care to allow a radiologist, hospital or imaging centre to connect in a few minutes.

Thanks to our customizable online work list, you will have easy access to diagnostic assistance for your exams. The handling is simple and your nursing staff is always one click away from our team to guide you.

secure and reliable platform

100% Security and Reliability

Our first requirement is the protection of patients' personal data and respect for their consent throughout the process.

Whether you are a hospital, an imaging center, or a radiology practice, we rely on decentralized and redundant technology to offer you 24/7 service without interruption.  

Access to the Best of Artificial Intelligence for Radiology and Human Expertise

Because we know that the management of your patients cannot wait, we offer the best artificial intelligence solutions for radiologists to assist in the diagnosis and referral of urgent patients.

AI algorithms are periodically evaluated and revised by our expert radiologists according to standardized control procedures. The analytical reports prepared are revised to meet the specific needs of patient management at each site.

Access to the Best of Artificial Intelligence for Radiology and Human Expertise
Resource and Cost Optimization

Resource and Cost Optimization

Assisting in the diagnosis and interpretation of examinations helps to allocate the medical resources of your health care facility as accurately and as closely as possible to patients.

VIZYON solutions allow you to reduce costs by improving availability and enhancing radiological expertise in your facility.

Our ergonomic and flexible system can be adapted to your MRI, scanner, standard X-ray examinations during scheduled shifts, hospitalization and emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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