VIZYON develops and operates a teleradiology Blockchain platform which connects hospitals and imaging centers to teleradiologists and Artificial Intelligence diagnostic assistance applications.

Hospitals and imaging centers can send their DICOM exams either:

Software As A Service

in a SaaS mode

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Via the V-Engine


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VIZYON offers the V-Engine, a DICOM "box", installed in your healthcare facility or radiological practice and connected to your PACS and accessible by your RIS.

The V-Engine automatically determines the part of the human body presented in the radiological image and whether it is normal or pathological.

It then produces a diagnosis template, proposed to the radiologist who reviews it and completes it by producing the final report.

Our solution is aimed at


Radiology or emergency departments of hospitals and clinics and radiology practices

The V-Engine makes it possible to reduce the repetitive processing of radiology analysis by allowing automatic pre-analysis in real time and the production of a report frame. This will significantly reduce the time spent on certain types of examinations and allow radiologists to focus on complex examinations.


Health facilities with very limited access to radiologists

The V-Engine will allow the radio technicians performing the examinations to access if necessary to a teleradiologist, who will validate and complete the report.

VIZYON Strong Points

Real-time AI pre-diagnosis

VIZYON was able to develop its V-Engine solution thanks to access to one million radiological images. This ensures maximum image pre-analysis quality.

Real-time artificial intelligence pre-diagnosis solutions
Extremely high availability blockchain platform

Extremely High Availability

The Blockchain technology, based on peer-to-peer, allows easy replication of all medical workflows, therefore guaranteeing an almost 100% available platform, not possible with centralized platforms, that present a Single Point of Failure.

Extremely High Security

The V-Engine is autonomous and stays in the hospital, it requires no connection to the cloud, which avoids the leakage of personal medical data

Extremely high secure platform
Very fast calculation power of the platform

Calculation power

The V-Engine algorithm runs on a very low-cost server with a CPU and very limited memory, while other solutions use computing power mainly in the cloud

Real-Time Payment

The use of Blockchain, generally used for financial transactions, allows a real-time payment of radiologists.

real-time payment with blockchain
ultra-simplified user interface

User interface

The V-Engine offers an ultra-simplified user interface, requiring no training, accessible from a computer or tablet, by any doctor.